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The BYC club

"This club has actually boosted my confidence. Brilliant club"


The BYC club is an extra-curricular club that students can choose to attend, with the purpose of building their self-esteem and confidence. This is performed through the learning of new skills, our 'Skill of the Week', general chat, and interactive activities.  

Along with advertising the club at assemblies, I also used the school's student notices to advertise the club. I chose to offer it to year 7 and 8s, one lunchtime per week. 


For the first week that I ran the BYC club, attendance was low. However, over the coming weeks, one regular turned to 10 regulars which soon grew even further.

For growing attendance, I found that some students told their friends, and some teachers referred students to the club once they knew it was having a positive effect.


Some students have left the club after a few months, which I see as a great achievement, for them and for the club, and new students have joined through word of mouth. 

My aim is to build up a network of schools running a BYC club, sharing ideas and tips, and especially 'Skill of the Week': what worked, what didn't, where to source the equipment, etc. If we all pool our knowledge then this will save time, money, and resources. If you run out of ideas after three months then the club might not be successful and the students might be disappointed.

If you want to run a BYC club at your school, university or youth centre, contact me.

There's going to be a members area that includes sharing of ideas and information, access to posters, numerous 'Skill of the Week' plans, and starter packs, all to hopefully save you time and money planning the club each week. 

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